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From: Bertolt Mildner (Bertolt.Mildner_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-04 12:26:50

"David Abrahams" <dave_at_[hidden]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> "Bertolt Mildner" <Bertolt.Mildner_at_[hidden]> writes:
> > When started form a Windows Commandline (cmd.exe) bjam tries to create
> > existing directories and of curse failes to do so!
> >
> > For example when building boost::thread:
> >
> > ------------------------------------
> > ...found 205 targets...
> > ...updating 20 targets...
> > MkDir1
> >
> >
> > Ein Unterverzeichnis oder eine Datei mit dem Namen
> > "..\..\..\bin\boost\libs\thre
> > ad\build\boost_thread.dll\cw\\threading-multi" existiert bereits.
> >
> > mkdir
> > "..\..\..\bin\boost\libs\thread\build\boost_thread.dll\cw\\threading-
> > multi"
> >
> > ...failed MkDir1
> > ..\..\..\bin\boost\libs\thread\build\boost_thread.dll\cw\\threa
> > ding-multi...
> > ------------------------------------
> >
> > (the german error-msg means "directory or file "..." allready exists")
> >
> > As this causes targets to be skipped this is getting pretty annoying
> >
> > As far as i understand the root of the problem is that the nativ
"mkdir" on
> > Win32 does not take any options to be quiet if the directory exists
> > on Unix).
> No, that's not the problem. That rule normally does not run if the
> directory already exists. Did you perchance build your bjam from
> cygwin? A cygwin-built bjam only works under a Cygwin shell.

OK, so in my case the rule *does* run for existing dirs!


    MKDIR ?= mkdir ;

    MKDIR ?= \"mkdir.exe\" -p ;

in allyourbase.jam "fixes" the problem (with cygwin in PATH).

I built bjam with MSVC 6 ("build.bat msvc" in \tools\build\jam_src).
Building bjam with CW 8.3 failed due to a crash in mwld.exe!?

> > It looks like allyourbase.jam tries to address this in the MkDir rule,
> > fails to.
> The directory is a target. If the build system sees that it already
> exists, it won't try to create it. I can't imagine why this would
> fail for you unless you were using a mis-constructed bjam.

Ah.. I think i have found something!
I have set "BUILD = debug release" and that causes very strange things to

>From program_options first bjam run with "BUILD = debug release":
g++: no input files

++" -c -Wall -ftemplate-depth-255 -g -O0 -fno-inline -I"..\..\..\bin
\boost\libs\program_options\build" -I"C:\BACKUP\Data\C++\boost" -I
Data\C++\boost" -o

Second run with "BUILD = debug release":
Ein Unterverzeichnis oder eine Datei mit dem Namen
ram_options\build\libboost_program_options.lib\gcc\release " existiert


...failed MkDir1

See attached file for full output.

When i unset BUILD or set it to either release, debug or <nothing>
program_options build fine.
For the thread lib i have to unset BUILD to make it build???
Setting BUILD with no value makes bjam crash until .jamdeps is removed!?

HELP! Something is very very wrong here!

> > PS: I have tried to post this in but i
> > got mail that i should join <jamboost_at_[hidden]>!
> Why does that surprise you? That is the mailing list behind that NG.

Because it is nonsens to join a *mailinglist* when writing to a
*newsgroup*? ;-)
If i would want to join the mailinglist i would have done that in first


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