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From: Arkadiy Vertleyb (vertleyb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-14 08:31:59

"Peder Holt" <peder.holt_at_[hidden]> wrote

 <vertleyb_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> > What I totaly don't understand is how you can get the compiler reuse
> > templates, and still set the compile-time variables. As far as I
> > understand, setting a compile-time variable is a side-effect of a
> > instantiation, which IMO contradicts the reuse...
> >
> Earlier, I created a function with a return value that instantiated a
> compile time constant.
> encode_type<T,NEXT_INDEX()> start(const T&);

Could you explain this in more detail? I am pretty uncomfortable with the
whole idea of compile-time variables... As far as I understand now, to set
them, the compiler needs to instantiate the template which contains the code
that sets the variable, something like this:

template<> struct encode

If encode is reused (not instantiated), the variable is not set.

I believe I raised this question some time ago, and you said you added an
additional parameter to force the instantiation... How then it can be

> My implementation of decoding:
> template<>
> struct decode_impl<CONST_ID>
> {
> template<typename Iter>
> struct decoder {
> typedef typename
> decode_impl<Iter::value>::decoder<BOOST_DEDUCED_TYPENAME Iter::next>
> next_decoder;
> typedef typename next_decoder::type const type;
> typedef typename next_decoder::end end;
> };
> };
> Your implementation of decode:
> template<class Iter> struct decode_type_impl<mpl::int_<CONST_ID>, Iter>
> {
> typedef decode_type<Iter> d1;
> typedef const typename d1::type type;
> typedef typename d1::iter iter;
> };
> Where
> template<class Iter> struct decode_type
> : decode_type_impl<typename mpl::deref<Iter>::type,
> typename mpl::next<Iter>::type>
> {};
> As far as I can see, these implementation are very similar.

I actually don't think they are VERY similar. We would write more code
trying to fit them together, then both of them already have. This is a
matter of taste, of course, but I am against reuse in such cases. This
would just put more fog on things that are not that easy to understand in
the first place.


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