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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-21 05:11:28

> [1] Other GUI libraries and some of the issues I have with them:
> o Win32 Generics
> - Good work John, but it's not cross platform, an absolute requirement


> for me. I understand your argument that it's _much_ harder to create a
> cross platform library (and agree!) but I think it's far from impossible

Exactly ;) Making it cross platform would have made the time increase
exponentially - I just don't have the time for that ;)

Especially if you add threading into the picture, implementation gets a
lot harder. I should know ;)

> (we use an in-house cross platform library here at work). Personally,
> I'll avoid using a GUI library if it locks me into a platform, it's just
> not worth it.
> - It's also not that simple to use because you need intimate knowledge
> of Win32. Not a problem for me but it's a step backward IMO.

You do need some win32 knowledge. I'm working to make it as friendly as
possible - and so that you will need as little win32 knowledge as
possible. This is a definite long-term direction for me - and I'm doing
it one step at a time ;)

Also, partly is because of the lack of docs :( I should have the first
docs ready by 10th of Oct.


John Torjo
-- john_at_[hidden]
Contributing editor, C/C++ Users Journal
-- "Win32 GUI Generics" -- generics & GUI do mix, after all
-- v1.4.0 - save_dlg - true binding of your data to UI controls!
    + easily add validation rules (win32gui/examples/smart_dlg)

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