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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-22 02:05:21

Rozental, Gennadiy wrote:

>>>Here some question I've got while reading submitted library.
>>>1. What is an advantage if using this library for scalar types (vs.
>>Do you mean for things like int, Person, etc. If that is the
>>case, the
>>default behaviour of the library is to delegate output of
>>these types to
>>operator<<, so it doesn't do much. However, with support for a
>>fmt::serialize formatter that calls 'serialize' instead of
>><<, you can
>>register a particular class as being serializable so my type
>>system knows to associate instances of that type with
>>fmt::serialize, so you
>>can then do:
>> // new design
>> std::cout << io::object( my_serializable_object ) << '\n';
>> std::cout << io::object( vec_of_serializable_objects ) <<
>>'\n'; // [ ...,
>>..., ... ]
> I don't really interested in another serialization library. We already have
> one.

Reece was answering a request from Vladimir Prus - who wanted the outfmt
library to use the "serialize" function if it exists, or a default
(operator<<) otherwise.


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