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From: Dave Deakins (ddeakins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-09-22 10:59:50

"Aleksey Gurtovoy" <agurtovoy_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Half of the signals tests on Linux -- on both Intel and GCC -- crash
> with access violation; for instance (from

I'm not sure if this is related, but I noticed what I think is a subtle bug
in the named_slot_map::insert function in named_slot_map.cpp. The function
creates and returns a named_slot_map::iterator object for the new slot that
it is inserting. It appears, however, that the 'slot_assigned' flag in the
impl part of this object is never initialized (group, last_group, and slot_
are all set up). When the iterator object is returned, a temporary object
is constructed from the iterator_impl object, and then the iterator object
is returned from the function by value. In debug mode, the MSVC compiler
was constructing a second temp iterator from the first temp iterator for its
return value, rather than optimizing out the construction of the second
temp. When the copy constructor is used for this second temp, it may or may
not actually copy the slot_ member (you are at the mercy of whatever
happened to be in the memory now occupied by the uninitialized slot_assigned
member in the first temp). If slot_assigned ends up as false and slot_ is
not copied, you will get an access violation in signal_base::connect_slot
because it assumes the iterator returned from insert is valid and
immediately derefences it to call set_controlling() on the related
connection object.

I think there should be an 'it->slot_assigned = true;' somewhere towards the
end of named_slot_map::insert, but since slot_assigned is a private member
of named_slot_map_iterator::impl, you'd have to make named_slot_map be a
friend or else it won't give you access. You could also make the impl
object with the constructor that lets you set up all 4 members, rather than
default constructing it and assigning the members by hand, but I didn't
think through whether or not this method could leak resources in the event
of an exception in the insert function.

Does it seem like this could be related to the crashes that were showing up?


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