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From: Rob Stewart (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-05 12:08:32

From: "Eugene Lazutkin" <eugene_lazutkin_at_[hidden]>
> "Dylan Trotter" <trotterdylan_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> news:cjjtc1$243$
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> > I've never felt the urge to post the development mailing list despite
> > being a long time reader, however this was enough to bring me out of
> > anonymity. Chalk it up to my flammable sense of political incorrectness.
> The example in question was funny. I think anybody offended by it most
> probably lacks sense of humor.

I've avoided adding to the discussion until now, but feel the
need to add a little.

I'm the one that raised the issue. Was I offended? No. I was
bothered by the example, however. Why? Because it belittled an
important political figure -- President Bush -- during an
election year and smacked of being anti-Bush. (I'm not impuning
that intent to Jonathon, just conveying my impression.)

> Nevertheless let's keep it out of boost. Personally I prefer to keep out any
> unrelated subjects, even in examples. There are numerous forums for
> political jokes you can use if you want to share funny observations. I think
> that Boost is inappropriate forum for them: any kind of non-universal
> cultural references may present a problem for international audience; time
> plays tricks with "current" events. I fully support Jeff's decision.

An example that substitutes words can easily be made funny by not
belittling a person and certainly not in a context that is
politically charged. For example, using a well-known nursery
rhyme or story -- assuming there are some that have near global
standing -- gives plenty of opportunity to change words to create
a humorous result. "Peter and the Wolf" comes to mind. Imagine
Peter being afraid of and hunting a mouse or anteater!

Jeff's decision fit with my own impression of the example, so I
didn't think he was censoring Jonathon. Perhaps if I hated
President Bush, I'd have been gleeful over the example and would
have considered his actions censorship, but I don't think so. I
thought the decision was well reasoned.

I don't think personal attacks; political, sexual, racial,
etc. humor; or scatological or other base humor should be part of
Boost. If we need to document that as a policy, then so be it.

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