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From: Jeff Garland (jeff_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-10-16 15:21:23

On Sat, 16 Oct 2004 15:04:11 -0400, Arkadiy Vertleyb wrote

> A few months ago I had a discussion at comp.object, where I tried to
> introduce the RTL, hoping people can think of some unexpected
> solutions that can be derived from combining OO and relational
> approaches. But it seems that people are very much polarized. Most
> OO people don't want to consider an RDB for anything other then
> persistence. And most relational people don't really think C++ is
> the correct way to go anyway.

Well, they are probably all wrong ;-) OO and relational approaches are part
of the solution fabric -- not ends in themselves -- some people can't seem to
get that...
> I think relational algebra is a very good mechanism when you want to
> share data, and provide different views of it (that's why it is so
> popular in huge systems). Since the language (relational relational
> algebra) is so simple, it's possible to introduce as much redundancy
> (indexing) as one wants (at any level of a relational expression --
> not only tables) and maintain this redundancy automatically and
> efficiently as underlying tables are changed. That was the goal of
> our second stage of development, and we've done this.


> > That said, the level of interest is not as high as the interface to actual
> > RDB's -- because once you start using an actual RDB you want to defer the
> join
> > logic etc into the database engine itself and are mostly concerned with
> the
> > resulting data and mapping it to C++ types, etc...
> Yes, but again, do you always really want to use that RDB or you
> just don't have alternatives?

Yes, I really do need the database because, for example, I have multiple
distributed client apps that need access to the data, I want to build
'tactical' (small low use utility apps) in a scripting language using rapid
development tools, I'm writing a new app that builds on something that already
uses an RDB, etc. So there are real reasons, and I hate that when I'm writing
a C++ app it's so hard to get that data in a style that is consistent with
modern C++.

Having said all that there's much database over-use on projects the could
clearly benefit from the approach RTL offers...


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