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From: Dirk Gregorius (dirk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-11-11 15:17:49

I have four easy questions regarding boost::shared_ptr:

1.) How do I pass a boost::shared_ptr to a function - via value or

void ByValue( boost::shared_ptr<Foo> pFoo );
void ByReference( boost::shared_ptr<Foo>& rFooPtr );

2.) When passing a raw pointee to a function you can declare the pointee
const. How do I pass a const boost::shared_ptr?

void ConstRaw( const Foo* pFoo );
void ConstSharedPtr( ??? );

3.) Does anything speak against passing a reference to a factory function
instead of returning the boost::shared_ptr?

boost::shared_ptr<Foo> Create( void )
    return boost::shared_ptr<Foo>( new Foo );

bool Create( boost::shared_ptr<Foo>& foo )
    // Make some validations and return false on error.
    // ...

    // Everyting is ok. Reset the pointee and return a success
    foo.reset( new Foo );

    return true;

4.) Can I test a boost::shared_ptr against NULL like a raw pointee?



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