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From: Jonathan Turkanis (technews_at_[hidden])
Date: 2004-12-28 15:38:33

Dear All,

The latest version of the Iostreams library is now available:

I'd like to thank everyone who sent me bug reports after I posted the previous
version. I will include you in the acknowledgments when I rewrite the

  - I. Changes
  - II. Supported platforms
  - III. Remaining bugs.


I. Changes.

There are two important changes.

First, the code conversion component has been renamed "code_converter", and it
now has an optional Codecvt template parameter. Example.

   #include <boost/iostreams/code_converter.hpp>
   #include <boost/iostreams/device/mapped_file.hpp>

   // Perform code conversion using the global locale:
   typedef code_converter<mapped_file_source> wide_mapped_file_source;

   // Perform code conversion using utf8_codecvt_facet:
   typedef code_converter<
> utf8_mapped_file_source;

code_converter has now been tested with all the codecvt facets from the
Dinkumware CoreX library.

Second, there is now an option to build the libraries zlib and bzip2 from the
source, rather than linking to a pre-built version. To build zlib from the
source, define the following variables:

    ZLIB_SOURCE - path to the .co files
    ZLIB_INCLUDE - path to the .he files, if different from ZLIB_SOURCE

To link to a pre-built version, define the follwing variables:

    ZLIB_INCLUDE - path to the .h files
    ZLIB_LIBPATH - path to the library or archive file
    ZLIB_BINARY - name of the library or archive file

If ZLIB_LIBPATH is not defined, it is assumed that the library file is in a
location where it will be found automatically. If ZLIB_BINARY is not defined, it
defaults to "z" on UNIX and Cygwin, and to "zdll" on windows (see

Similar remarks apply for bzip2.


II. Supported platforms

    The tests have been run on the following platforms:

    VC7.1 with Dinkumware
    GCC 3.2 (MinGW)
    GCC 3.4.2 (MinGW)
    GCC 3.4.1 (Cygwin)
    CodeWarrior 8.3 (static runtime only)
    Intel 7.1 with Dinkumware (static runtime only)
    Intel 8.0 with Dinkumware
    Borland 5.6.4 with STLPort


        - GCC (MinGW, Cygwin): wide streams not supported
        - Borland 5.6.4: undiagnosed runtime errors in seekable_file_test.cpp,
          direct_adapter_test.cpp and code_converter_test.cpp

III. Remaining bugs.

    Although the bzip2 tests pass on all the platforms in II, there is an
outstanding problem reported by Michel Decima which I haven't been able to fix

Best Regards,

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