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From: Dave Handley (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-07 12:59:02

Mikhail Glushenkov wrote:

> What about adapting Loki's Singleton? It's the best Singleton
> I know about and (probably) the most widely-known one.

I agree that it is probably one of the best ones around. My only issues

1) Wouldn't it be better to use CRTP than the rather strange usage syntax
that Loki uses with a typedef and a requirement to make the
constructors/destructors private? It is remarkably easy if you are not
familiar with the Singleton implementation in Loki to make your
constructors/destructors public by mistake and then use them, whereas a CRTP
solution could make the base constructors/destructors protected.

2) There are probably some more options that need to be included, for
example making a Singleton be capable of destroying/recreating during the
run of a program. Consider a singleton that is managing a print queue. For
some reason all the printers go off-line, there is a potential for memory
optimisation by closing down the print queue. If printers come back on line
the print queue could come back on line - but that isn't possible (as far as
I know) with Loki.

3) What issues are there with the licensing of Loki?

David Greene wrote:

> I think that's a good place to start. What other patterns should
> we be looking at. We ought to start a wiki page.
> I would prefer to put the files in the sandbox so they are
> versioned, have history, etc. The yahoo files section is
> inconvenient due to the registration requirement.

I would be happy to submit what I have to the sandbox - who do I contact to
get on the sandbox as a developer, and is there a set of submission
guidelines? Where would the wiki page be? I also notice from a quick
browse of the sandbox that there is a set of classes for visitors, and that
they haven't really been touched for 2 years. Did these ever make it into
boost? Is there any documentation for them? And could we perhaps look
there for a starting point for the visitor side of things?

In my view, the best start for a list of patterns to look at is probably the
GoF book! I have written generic code in the past for:

1) Flyweights
2) Composites
3) Visitors
4) Singletons
5) Bridge (just to link the 2 classes easily)

There is certainly scope to include:

1) Factory Method
2) Abstract Factory
3) Decorator
4) Chain of responsibility

However, if we are to have a go at a project like this, I would suggest
keeping the initial submission list quite short, and then if there is some
interest further down track, follow on with more patterns.


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