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Date: 2005-02-02 08:37:03

Bugs item #1114732, was opened at 2005-02-02 13:37
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Category: None
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Glen Summers (glensummers)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: boost 1.32 compile error with STLPort462 and boost/format

Initial Comment:
compile error using
MSVC 7.1
Boost 1.32.0


#include <iostream>
#include <tchar.h>
#include <boost/format.hpp>

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
        return 0;

Fails with:
\boost\format\format_implementation.hpp(216) : error
C2244: 'boost::basic_format<Ch,Tr,Alloc>::size' : unable
to match function definition to an existing declaration

\boost\format\format_class.hpp(58) : see declaration
of 'boost::basic_format<Ch,Tr,Alloc>::size'
boost::basic_format<Ch,Tr,Alloc>::size(void) const'
        existing declarations
boost::basic_format<Ch,Tr,Alloc>::size(void) const'

Worked with boost 1.31.0



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