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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-02 17:07:25

"troy d. straszheim" <troy_at_[hidden]> writes:

> David Abrahams wrote:
>>> svk
>>> Beta. Adds distributed capabilities to subversion. It is the Rodney
>>> Dangerfield of version control systems: it doesn't get any respect.
>>> However, I don't see any obvious problems with it.
>> My biggest concern is that it might not be widely adopted.
>> Subversion
>> seems to be the de-facto successor to CVS, and therefore I think it
>> has a strong future. Secondary concern: it's written in Perl (only
>> half-joking). Tertiary concern: only on release 0.29
> ...
>> That said, it seems as though you can use svk on top of a centralized
>> svn repository (arx too?) so maybe people can get this sort of
>> functionality even if we adopt svn?
> Yeah, that's the point. It's a wrapper that you can do local commits
> to. Personally I have no problem just keeping a mobile repository as
> well and doing my commits to the mother archive via "cp" from local
> checkout to mother checkout when I'm connected, but whatever, I guess
> there svk offers some slickness if you want to mess with it.
>> I'm not a "convert," and my experience with svn is limited. I'm
>> still
>> in the early phases of experience with it. SVN seems like the logical
>> choice to me, but I'm open to considering others.
> I have already done a couple of cvs->svn conversions for large
> projects. There is a bit of flexibility in how to do it... the
> offer stands to do some test runs and make the svn archives open, to
> play with. This way you can give the OSL guys a properly tweaked
> conversion script when you're ready, not just have the archive
> dumped through cvs2svn.

I never saw such an offer. If you're offering, for my part, I *think*
I accept, and gratefully... but could you elaborate? I'm not sure I
understand the specific details of what you're proposing.

> wonder specifically if boost would be best set up with toplevel
> trunk/branches/tags, or if it would be best to do this somehow
> per-library

Probably a mix would be best. Release tags need to go at the top
level, right?

> , linked up with svn:externals.

Not familiar with that. Link?

> Depends on what the CVS
> archive's tags/branches/etc look like, this has a lot to do with it when
> it comes to preserving this history information in the converted
> archive. I just need a tarball of CVS.

That's easy to get; meta-comm is posting it at

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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