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From: Hartmut Kaiser (HartmutKaiser_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-13 03:30:26

Joel de Guzman wrote:

> I wanted to try out the examples. I encountered some problems:
> + Read the quikstart to get me started immediately.
> "Do not instantiate the main, preprocessing iterators yourself."
> --> not enough context here. "main" is undefined at this point.

That should read: "Do not instantiate the main preprocessing iterators
I meant, that the iterators used to get back the preprocessed tokens should
not be instantiated directly.

> + when using bjam V2, VC7.1 fails with a buffer overrun (compiler
> problem). No problem with bjam V1. I wanted to try the samples
> but they don't have a V1 Jamfile, only V2. So I had to switch
> to using g++ instead. So far so good.

Sure they have, haven't they? I'm pretty sure that I've added V1 Jamfile's.
But thanks for reporting the V2 problems. Please add the line

    : <toolset>vc-7_1:<rtti>off # workaround for compiler bug

to the V2 Jamfile's, without that VC7.1 simply fails - please look at the V2
Jamfile of the library itself for a sample

> + Now, I'm able to build the samples using bjam V2. A little hickup:
> bjam complains:
> error: Unable to find file or target named
> error: '/boost/program_options//boost_program_options'
> error: referred from project at
> error: 'cpp_tokens/build'
> Looking at program_options, it seems that the library name is
> program_options (without the boost_ prefix).

This was reported already by Larry Evans, please change this line to:


Yeah seems, the Jamfile.v2 files in the archive are completely broken, but
that's because I'm mainly working with V1 files, so this sneaked in

> + Got this fixed and. Now got into a link error:
> ..\..\..\bin.v2\tools\inspect\build\gcc-3.2\
> release\inspect.exe
> ..\..\..\bin.v2\tools\inspect\build\gcc-3.2\release\
> cpp_main.o(.text+0x50):cpp_
> ain.cpp: multiple definition of `_main'
> ..\..\..\bin.v2\tools\inspect\build\gcc-3.2\
> release\inspect.o(.text+0x7eb0):ins
> ect.cpp: first defined here

This is a linker error regarding the Boost inspect tool!? I have no clue
what to do about this.

Regards Hartmut

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