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From: Lloyd J Lewins (llewins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-21 13:00:08

Perhaps I am missing something, but I don't see how
dijkstra_shortest_paths works currently.

The priority queue (mutable_queue) in dijkstra_shortest_paths should order
(gray) vertices by their distance from the source vertex. The ordering of
the mutable_queue is achieved by the compare function, which therefore
should order vertices by examining the distance map. However, the default
compare function is simply std::less<D>(), where D is the value_type of
the distance map. I.e., the compare simply orders the vertices by their
vertex_descriptor, using less for the value_type (essentially a cast). I
would think what is really needed is a less function which is bound to the
distance map, and compares based off distance. For example:

    template<class Map>
    class less : public std::binary_function<typename
boost::property_traits<Map>::value_type, bool>
        typedef typename boost::property_traits<Map>::key_type key_type;
        typedef typename boost::property_traits<Map>::value_type

        explicit less(Map& m)
            : m(m)
        bool operator() (const key_type k1,
                         const key_type k2) const
            return m[k1] < m[k2];
        const Map& m;
In which case the compare function would be somethink like:

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