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From: Brian Braatz (brianb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-27 14:56:51

However, I am NOT (yet) an expert in the Iostreams library so please
excuse me if I am missing something obvious.

I add 2 sinks

       filtering_ostream out;

I get an exception thrown on the second one (regardless of which one
goes in first)

In searching the archives, I noticed this mail:

where Johnathon Turkis writes:

"For this we need to define an OutputFilter which stores a reference to
an ostream and has a member function 'write' which forwards all
characters to the stored ostream as well as to the downstream sink
(you don't need to understand the following code -- the point is that
it's just a few lines):

        struct tee : boost::io::output_filter {
             tee(std::ostream& dest) : dest(dest) { }

             template<typename Sink>
             void write(Sink& snk, char* s, std::streamsize n)
                  // Write to the downstream Sink
                  boost::io::write(snk, s, n);

                  // Write to the stored ostream:
                  dest.write(s, n);

             std::ostream& dest;

We use the tee as follows. Given two ostreams

        ostream first;
        ostream second;

we define a filtering_ostream which passes data through the tee to
both streams:

        filtering_ostream out;
        out << "this gets written to both ostreams\n";

Which looks "good" except I suspect the library has changed since the
above is not compiling for me under VC71. (it complains about wanting a
Put() instead of a write())..

Any help appreciated- and also - a request- if "tee" functionality could
be officially implemented in the streaming lib for output sinks.

OR if it already is, I request that how do to it be spelled out more
clearly in the documentation.


Brian Braatz

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