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From: Johan Nilsson (johan.nilsson_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-03 03:11:17

"Jarl Lindrud" <jlindrud_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Johan Nilsson <johan.nilsson <at>> writes:
>> Just a couple of quick questions after scanning the article:
>> - Does/could the library support custom marshaling on a per-object and/or
>> interface basis - I'd be specifically interested in MBV (Marshal By
>> Value)?
>> - Did you implement portable, binary serialization?
>> // Johan
> I think it would be relatively straightforward to support something like
> MBV.
> The machinery is already there, it would just need to be applied a bit
> differently.

Sorry for not taking the time to read through the implementation, but I have
another couple of questions:

- Is it possible to return an interface as an [out] parameter, receiving a
proxy to a remoted object?

- Is it possible to pass an interface as an [in] parameter, having the
receiver receive a proxy to the original object?

- Did you consider implement cross-process reference counted lifetime
management (ala DCOM)?

- Did you consider specific support for cross-apartment marshalling (sorry
for all DCOM terms, but that's what I've been using in the past)? That is,
did you consider different threading models, so
that single threaded applications only would receive callbacks in the
context of the main thread?

> Yeah, I implemented portable binary serialization, along with native
> binary and
> text serialization. I had some performance issues with boost
> serialization, it
> seems as if the boost archives are not well optimized to what I'm doing,
> which
> is creating thousands of archives per second, and then serializing a small
> amount of data to/from them. I haven't looked closely enough yet to say
> where
> the bottleneck is, though.

Lastly, are these implementations available in the download and, under what
kind of license is the current implementation distributed (I'd like to try
it out in a current in-house project)?

/ Johan

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