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From: Rob Stewart (stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-08 10:37:21

I decided to jump in with my ideas for the best logos and my
comments on them.

1. 67 Simeon Nasilowski

I liked this one because the checkerboard is abstract for several
things: building blocks (Boost provides software building
blocks), fitting the missing piece (Boost often provides just
what you're missing), blended parts of C++ syntax (you can infer
:: and }{, for example). I also liked that the checkerboard
itself could be used as an icon, including in the
address/location bar of the browser.

What I don't like is the color scheme. I think a bluer scheme
would be better.

"C++ Libraries" could also be replaced with other tag lines like:

  - Setting the Standard
  - C++: The Next Generation (might be a copyright problem)
  - Your C++

2. 83 Emil Kirichev

I liked the color wheel, since it could be extracted as an icon
and it suggests a never ending stream of libraries from Boost.

I don't like the multiple colors; a simpler scheme would be
better, I think.

"C++ Library" should be plural, at the least, and could be
replaced with numerous tag lines.

3. 49 Cristian Peraferrer Mayn?

This logo looks really sharp and might have been my first choice,
except for a couple of issues. I liked the coloring and the

Since there is no accompanying graphic, it would be difficult to
form an iconic version of this logo. The shading in the letters
and the border requires a high number of colors; will it look as
attactive with less color depth?

4. 21 Jonathan Turkanis

I like the grayscale variant best, but the black works OK for
lower color depths.

There's too much gap between the "C" and "boost." It doesn't
render well at low resolution, including as an icon.

5. 38 Simeon Nasilowski

I like the "b" variant best. (I'm partial to the blue color
palette, it seems.) The blocks can be used separately as an icon
and there's always room to add a tag line (push "boost" up and
put the tag line below as with #83).

The foreground block could be adorned with a "C" yielding "C++,"
though that leaves the other, exposed surfaces with nothing. I
don't know if that will look right or not.

Adding a tag line would improve this one quite a bit.

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