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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-10 06:11:37

Sorry if this has come up before, but all the compilers I tested with
refuced to compile hash_float_test:


..\..\..\..\libs\functional\hash\test\hash_float_test.cpp(99) : error C2501:
'BOOST_META_FUNC_TEST_CASE' : missing storage-class or type specifiers

..\..\..\..\libs\functional\hash\test\hash_float_test.cpp(99) : error C2440:
'initializing' : cannot convert from 'void (__cdecl *)(T1 *)' to 'int'

        Context does not allow for disambiguation of overloaded function

..\..\..\..\libs\functional\hash\test\hash_float_test.cpp(105) : error
C2275: 'float_types' : illegal use of this type as an expression

        ..\..\..\..\libs\functional\hash\test\hash_float_test.cpp(104) : see
declaration of 'float_types'

..\..\..\..\libs\functional\hash\test\hash_float_test.cpp(105) : error
C3861: 'BOOST_FUNC_TEMPLATE_TEST_CASE': identifier not found, even with
argument-dependent lookup

    "cl" /Zm800 -nologo /EHsc -c /Z7 /Od /Ob0 /EHsc /GR /MDd /Op
Zc:wchar_t -I"..\..\..\..\bin\boost\libs\functional\hash\test" -I"C:\Program
Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
003\VC7\include" -I"c:\data\boost\develop\boost" -Fo"..\..\..\..\bin\boost\libs\functional\hash\test\hash_float_test.test\vc-7_1\debug\threading-multi\hash_float_test.obj"



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