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From: Peter Dimov (pdimov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-13 14:04:53

Topher Cooper wrote:
> On Mar 13, 2005, at 11:13 AM, Peter Dimov wrote:
>> implementation to which you port your program. Your original tests
>> are still valid.
>> The other side of predictability - that the hash function is not
>> affected by types or the particular representation of a sequence of
>> values - means that you don't necessarily have to re-run the
>> performance benchmark of your unordered_maps when you refactor the
>> key to use int[3] instead of struct { short, short, short }, or a
>> wstring instead of a string.
> Fundamentally, what makes for a good hash function is that things that
> are equal (however you are defining equality) always hash to the same
> value, while any small difference between two things should cause them
> to hash to completely different values. In an arbitrary program would
> I expect an int[3] to be equal to a struct { short, short, short }
> when the values happened to be equal? No. What if [...]

The intent of the proposal is to provide a reasonable default when
tr1::unordered_map is used (and to provide the tools to build such a
reasonable default for user-defined compound types). It is not an attempt to
build the ultimate hash function (a hopeless task).

Since the keys in an unordered_map are of the same type, it is usually not
possible for one of them to contain int[3] and for another to hold struct
{ short, short, short }.

A discriminated union type (boost::variant) that is able to hold either type
can easily hash_combine the index of the currently active type to avoid
these accidental collisions. Similarly, a boost::any-alike can hash_combine
the address of a structure that uniquely identifies the type, or
typeid().name(). This mirrors their implementation of operator==.

I agree that the current design may not be well suited for a general purpose
hash function that needs to be able to sort objects of arbitrary types into
buckets. I'm not sure how often this occurs in practice. Do you have

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