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From: Miro Jurisic (macdev_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-16 00:33:24

I tried to compile this on CW9 and I ran into two major problems that will
probably cause you woes with other compilers as well.

1. Given the declaration:
template<> class bar<foo> {
   template <typename baz>
   void method();

the correct method definition is not

template<typename baz>
void method()


template <>
template<typename baz>
void method()

Your compiler apparently accepts the former, but I believe it's wrong.

2. Given the declaration:

template <typename foo> class Base {
      typedef int bar;

and a derived class

template <typename foo> class Derived: public Base <foo> {

you can't use unqualified "bar" inside declaration of Derived -- you have to
qualify it with "typename Base<foo>::" (or you can use a using declaration such
as "using Base<foo>::bar" inside the declaration of Derived). I don't know if CW
is right on this or not -- I remember having it explained to me before, but I
paged out the explanation.

Anyway, these two problems generate a bunch of compiler errors, but right now I
am running into the problem that my boost is older than what your code requires
so I can't submit patches yet.


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