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From: Jason Earl (Jason_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-03-31 05:46:13

I think I got the problem sorted in the end. I dunno how. I was up at
4am the other night, in a mood (coz I work 9-5 anyway) cursing the
computer (as you do). Anyway, I got so cheesed off I just hit Ctrl Z,
and held it down for about 30 seconds, and then faffed about cut an
pasting code round and tweaking bits for 5 mins and everything seemed
to to compile without issues, and it seems to serialize my stuff to
disk now. I dunno what fixed it which *REALLY ANNOYS* me, so it will
happen again knowing my luck :-(

  I'd like to get to the bottom of it, I'm sure it has to do with VC.NET
being fussy with something as things seem hit and miss. When I get some
time, I'll play about in Linux and see if I get the same problem. I'm
sure it will work without a hitch, once I figure out how to make
makefiles in linux and get to know my way round GCC.

It certainly seems like VC.NET is what's causing the trouble. I found
someone else having problems with STL containers at

It has the exact same errors round line 54ish of the split free include.

Anyway, I'd like to get to the bottom of what causes this, even though
it seems fixed (I use the word "seems" as I still have some mem leaks
when I unserialize, which I'm sure is down to my failure to delete
pointers somewhere).


On 31 Mer 2005, at 07:39, Klaus Gütter wrote:

> Hello Jason,
> I get the same error message when trying to deserialize this class
> 7.1):
> class TestVector
> {
> private:
> std::vector<int> v;
> friend class boost::serialization::access;
> template<class Archive>
> void serialize(Archive& ar, const unsigned int version)
> {
> }
> public:
> TestVector()
> {
> }
> };
> Klaus
> "Jason Earl" <jason_at_[hidden]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> news:<004001c533fc$48724270$861aa8c0_at_system2600>...
>> If you have look at my original code, it does use
>> BOOST_SERIALIZATION_SPLIT_MEMBER() inside the class (sorry the code
>> doesn't
>> intend with tabs nicely).
>> I also have tried including both...
>> #include <boost/serialization/split_member.hpp>
>> #include <boost/serialization/split_free.hpp>
>> but neither work. I assume that the split free is obviously used by
>> the list
>> data type as it's not intrusive, and the member one is what I should
>> include
>> and have been including.
>> I'll look running the tests later when I get round to figuring out how
>> to
>> run them etc. I'll need to RTFM first though. From the regression
>> thingy, it
>> said MSVC++7.1 worked OK though.
>> I think this could be a little bug in the library (I won't speak too
>> loudly
>> here as I'm still a C++ beginner, and therefore there's a good chance
>> I'm
>> still doing something very dumb), maybe someone else could confirm
>> they get
>> the same problem as me when trying to serialize an class member
>> varaible
>> that is a list of objects using load / save methods that are class
>> members
>> under VS.NET 2003, like in my example....
>> anotherwords I have class A with separate load/save members, and then
>> I have
>> class B which has a member inside it that is of type std::list<A*>.
>> Sorry in advance if I break the threaded reply structure on this list.
>> I
>> didn't have the list mail me replies. I'm new to all this mailing list
>> stuff.
>> Jason
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