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From: Boris (boris_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-11 17:37:55

Michel André wrote:
> There has been some discussion on this on the list lately. Is there
> anyone working on it. I have been pondering an interface that supports

Yes, but I had no time lately. See for
what we have now. However I still have to update the page after the
socket/async IO/pure async discussions to add latest thoughts.

> both async and blocking io combined. And an event dispatching model
> that can handle several types of dispatching mechanism through a the same
> interface to provide for a lot of differnet implementations.
> At heart of this is an io_stream base class that should serve as base
> for classes like tcp_stream and udp_stream.

The interface of io_stream looks good. This class is called socket in the
UML diagram you find at the bottom of

> [...] the event_handler interface is at heart of event handling and
> dispatching.

Is the event_handler exposed to the library user or an idea how to implement
the event stuff internally? At first I thought it's an implementation detail
but after thinking a while it looks like an object-oriented select()

> [...] To top this of we have connector and acceptor base classes

Your connector and acceptor are inherited from event_handler compared to the
class hierarchy at the bottom of
where they are inherited from socket. Your design is similar to the one in
.NET where TcpClient and TcpListener use Socket but are not inherited from
Socket. I have no opinion right now which one to favor - I guess it comes
down to definitions and concepts. I'll think about it. :-)

> [...] What are your initial thaugths on this, implementatble? flexible
> enough? efficient enough?

Your design comes close to what we have in the Wiki. After the long
discussions about async I/O and a pure asynchronicity library I would like
to see an asynchronous design pattern for Boost first that not every library
reinvents interfaces for asynchronous operations. Besides that someone
proposed to concentrate on an async I/O library first and base the
asynchronous operations of a network library on this. You started to create
an interface for async I/O already so maybe you can decouple it (or is this
the event_dispatcher/event_handler part?).

I'll try to update the Wiki page about the network library as soon as
possible to give a summary about what has been discussed in the async
threads. If you have time please read - I
look forward to your feedback.


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