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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-19 10:03:11

At Tuesday 2005-04-19 04:05, you wrote:
>>compilers (my favorite to pick on is Microsoft VC++6.0) costs all of us,
>>not just the person who has clients that won't upgrade (folly, IMO) and
>Not really folly, we tried to upgrade to vc2002 two years ago and gave up
>in the face of multiple optimiser errors generating bogus code

vc2003 was out 2 years ago, why did you use the already replaced version?

>(doing nice things like overwriting the return address on the stack),
>after a while we stopped fighting and stuck with vc6 til we got the
>project out the door. We have now
>upgraded to vc2003

with it's replacement due for release in 3 months

>and had a similar issue with the optimiser, this time we'll live with it
>as we have nearly 2 years to deal with it but if we we're still within 6
>months of shipping there would be no way we'd change. Never mistake your
>own development requirements with those of others, some projects live a
>long a time and compiler stability is a major factor.

Stability and wrong aren't that great a combination (though I'm sure your
staff has learned not to try anything they read in the literature, or use
the STL). Or have you gotten the upgrades directly from Dinkumware?

>(and yes I hate vc6 but standards conformity is less of a requirement than
>correct code generation).

yeah, it has _great_ code generation.... </sarcasm> if someone has managed
to tell you that you'd better get at least SP4 or you've found out the hard
way yourself. And, IMO, it's borderline criminal that they've not updated
the STL in 6.

btw, I've been using 7.1 since it became available, and haven't bumped into
any optimization problems, and we compile debug with none, and about
everything we can find to turn on in release. Granted there are only 4 of
us, but I don't recall any gotchas.

Victor A. Wagner Jr.
The five most dangerous words in the English language:
               "There oughta be a law"

P.S. It still costs us all money to try to support

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