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From: Dave Dribin (dave-ml_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-05 10:29:07

On May 3, 2005, at 3:27 AM, Kevlin Henney wrote:
> In message <8dee398f92d54b9e2f27e107ee73052c_at_[hidden]>, Dave Dribin
> <dave-ml_at_[hidden]> writes
>> On May 1, 2005, at 1:56 PM, Kevlin Henney wrote:
>>> This issue of providing a default value in case of failure was
>>> discussed in the early days of lexical_cast, but not included. In
>>> fact, if you go back far enough, opting for the default or zero
>>> constructed value of the target rather than throwing an exception
>>> was the original behaviour.
>>> However, the accommodation of an additional argument was not
>>> included in lexical_cast in part for the simple reason that it
>>> ceases to look like a cast and in part because once you start down
>>> that road there are a number of additional arguments and options
>>> that you might want that are "reasonable". It was felt that much of
>>> this would be better off in a general conversions library that had
>>> no pretensions to being cast-like.
>> I agree that the default behavior should throw an exception. It just
>> seems silly to create a whole new library that could be done in an
>> existing one with about 5 lines of code. And I'd prefer a
>> multi-argument cast-like function than include yet *another* 3rd
>> party library with my application. Anyhow, I have an idea or two as
>> alternatives. If you're interested, lemme know, otherwise I'll drop
>> the whole idea. :)
> I'd be interested to hear your ideas.

Since it sounds like the main argument against adding a second argument
is that it is no longer cast-like, the simplest idea is to rename
lexical_cast so it is no longer cast-like. I was thinking convert_to
would be nice and readable:

   int n = convert_to<int>("abc"); // Should throw an exception...
   int n = convert_to<int>("abc", 0); // Should return 0

   string s = convert_to<string>(5);

The main issue with renaming, obviously, is backward compatibility. Of
course, there's no need to remove lexical_cast right away, or at all,
even. Maybe make it deprecated, or at least implemented in terms of



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