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From: Jonathan Wakely (cow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-11 12:32:24

On Wed, May 11, 2005 at 01:13:39PM -0400, Gennadiy Rozental wrote:

> >> And a lot more like this. Why references to std::char_traits<wchar_t>
> >> symbols are undefined?
> >
> > Because MinGW doesn't have wide char support. Well.. it has the type.. but
> > that's about it :-) (this is AFAIK, i.e. last I checked)
> Doesn't standard require wchar_t specialization?

It also requires "export" :-)
If the host OS doesn't provide all the necessary functions such as
wcstombs then libstdc++ disables the wchar_t specialisations.

> Anyway, how could I separate mingw from any other gcc?

It's not just MinGW, but also FreeBSD 4.x, and others.

You can test _GLIBCXX_USE_WCHAR_T to see if the library includes wchar_t
specialisations (or _GLIBCPP_USE_WCHAR_T for version 3.3 and lower).

Or you could test BOOST_NO_STD_WSTRING, which will be set if the library
doesn't support wide chars.


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