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From: Jonathan Turkanis (technews_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-18 12:02:22

Douglas Gregor wrote:
> The iostreams example_test and newline_test seem to be looping. I've
> killed them on the OSL tester, but now symmetric_filter_test is
> currently taking a really long time to run... with the exception of
> newline_test (which has been failing for a while), all of these tests
> were passing before yesterday's flurry of iostream modifications.


I'm sorry to hear of these problems. Yesterday was the first day I got symmetric
filters, and the compression filters which rely on them, to work properly with
non-blocking i/o. I tested on a large number of compilers before checking in my
changes, so these problems are hard for me to explain.

As for long running times, I doubled the number of times certain tests are run,
with WOULD_BLOCK indicators occuring at different points in each iteration.
Still, on my system no test takes more than about two second to run. Most run in
less than a second.

Here are my local results:

The following compilers pass all tests: VC6 SP6, VC7.0, VC7.1, VC8.0 (beta 1),
Intel 7.1, Intel 8.0, CodeWarrior 8.3, CodeWarrior 9.4

GCC 3.4.1 (Cygwin) amd GCC 3.2 (MinGW) fail the two wide stream tests, since
wide streams are not supported on Windows, and also fail example_test.cpp with a
bad_cast exception, apparently because of problems in Boost.Test.

Borland 5.6.4. has numerous failures which have developed recently; last time I
tried to fix them, however, at least some of them appeared to be coming from
Boost.Test. I'm waiting for Boost.Test to stabilize before trying to fix
Iostreams on Borland.

I'll try to address the problems reported in this thread, but if they turn out
to be specific to Darwin or Linux I may need help. My suggestion is to wait
until tomorrow, since some of the testers may have caught Iostreams in an
inconsistent state.


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