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From: Hendrik Schober (SpamTrap_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-27 06:41:25

Rene Rivera <grafik.list_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> [...]
> > Heh. Maybe we should write bjam in a different color so you're more
> > likely to notice the difference between it and the rest of the
> > command-line?
> Or we can have a more explicit example, i.e.:
> C:\boost-1_32_0>bjam.exe "-sTOOLS=vc-7_1" stage
> The idea being to show the context of the shell to make it clear that
> "bjam.exe" is the program name. Unix people are familiar enough with
> Windows to understand the above also.

  <trying to play down my own silly error>

  Really, this was a very silly one. I don't
  think you can do anything for someone who's
  to stupid to cut and paste a command line.
  And if someone can't tell the prompt from
  the command line, I don't think there's
  much you can do either.

> [...]
> >> Maybe I should just have used the installer and
> >> be done with this.
> >
> > Yes.
> Perhaps the example should be "install" not "stage"?

  They're both there. I just disagreed with
  using the installer, as I didn't know what
  it would do to my system. (I only tried this
  out for the sake of this thread, you know.)
  And "stage" happened to be the only other
  example on the page, so I assumed it would
  do this.

> [...]
> Agreed.. Not sure I have the time for doing that now though. So help
> will be much appreciated :-)

  I will try. Where do I have to start?

> [...]
> >> IMO Supplemental information(like what to do
> >> with .zip/.tar files etc.) shouldn't interupt
> >> the reading. Most people know how to deal with
> >> compressed files on their platform, so a footnote
> >> leading to more info would do.
> >
> > Good idea.
> Perhaps the style of a single page per step. With the short version of
> what to do right at the top. And with the detail explanatory version at
> the bottom, like a footnote.

  <nod nod>

> >> One more thing: We have boost checked in into our
> >> CVS repository. We export it into every project it
> >> is used in, using the version tag specified in this
> >> project's checkout script. This allows using
> >> different boost versions in different projects,
> >> without requiring all developers to have the right
> >> versions in a specific folder on their machine.
> >> If we're going to use boost libs that require
> >> linking, I don't see how Boost.Build would fit into
> >> this scheme.
> >
> > I think Rene can answer that; I know it's something we've addressed
> > and that works.
> Strangely I'm not sure what the question is :-)

  Er, we check out the headers for every project.
  The one lib we need to build (regex) came with
  a make file that was rather easily incorporated
  into our IDE's project files. (Or did someone
  here make up the make file? No, I think John
  provided it.)
  If we were ever going to use other libs that
  need to be built, how do we incorporate the
  build project into different IDEs?

> [...]
> And I've seen mentioned here before the option of running bjam from
> within the IDE when a library is needed.

  Yes, I guess this would be it. I hope it is
  possible from all IDEs to invoke external

> HTH.

  Yes, thanks!


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