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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-28 11:28:24

> Umm... yeah! And what was the error on Intel with the const empty type?
> ;-)

It was something useful like "Illegal base class".

> This is a pretty interesting point. I whipped this test up to explore:
> struct Base {};
> typedef const Base ConstBase;
> struct A
> : ConstBase
> {
> A() {}
> };
> It compiles on CW. But it doesn't on Comeau C++ Online (thanks Greg).
> Normally when CW and EDG disagree, the decision usually goes to EDG. So I
> started searching the standard for where it says that cv-qualified classes
> can't be used as base specifiers so that I could send our compiler team
> the bug report.
> Couldn't find it. So I started digging into the core issues list and
> found:
> Subject: Can a base-specifier name a cv-qualified class type?
> Ah, perfect.
>> The resolution of issue 298 added new text to 9.1 paragraph
>> 5 making it clear that a typedef that names a cv-qualified class type is
>> a class-name. Because the definition of base-specifier simply refers to
>> class-name, it is already the case that cv-qualified class types are
>> permitted as base-specifiers.
> No kidding. And check out the date on that:
>> Rationale (April, 2005):
> Fresh from the Lillehammer presses! :-)

Right, but it's been declared a duplicate of issue 298, which was resolved
in April 2003, so it's that remarkable thing, an EDG deviation from the

Well researched!


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