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From: Manfred Doudar (manfred.doudar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-29 01:27:11

David Abrahams wrote:

>"John Maddock" <john_at_[hidden]> writes:
>>We also need a clear policy for what goes on the page, my initial thoughts
>>are that as an incentive to users to "own up" we should allow:
>>A company logo, where appropriate.
>>A link to the home page of the product/organisation that's using Boost.
>>A brief description of the product/organisation that's using Boost.
>>In addition, the text should say which parts of Boost the
>>product/organisation is using (anything else?).
>>Glowing recommendations would be strictly optional ;-)
>We can use as a
>model/starting point.

It's a good a start as any, but more to the point it feels a little
disjointed - that's not to say I could do better, I'm no visual artist
but I guess in the larger context that is Boost, I'd find I think the
way the information is put across is rather important.

Others may have varying ideas I am sure, (I vaguely expressed what I
thought was a good mix in another post [same thread], and how I thought
that to degree the doxygen projects page was well done) ... except, the
more I think about it, and the large nature that is Boost, I tend to feel
that to effectively publicise Boost usage in third party work is
something along the follwong lines:

* Product/Company/Link: executive summary of product, and Boost association
* Boost libraries used in product
* (OPTIONAL) : personal comments/ glowing references [see reservation

The one reservation I have is that the Optional personal
comments/glowing refs
seems a bit too (and pardon my language) "tacky", too sales like, and
from what would otherwise be a quick gaze to assess Boost usage - it should
be more commercial/professsional and streamlined in its presentation
(with ideally,
another page for glowing references altogether if considered necessary).


Manfred Doudar
MetOcean Engineers

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