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From: Brian Braatz (brianb_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-06-06 18:36:19

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> "Brian Braatz" <brianb_at_[hidden]> writes:

> > [Brian Braatz Writes:]
> >
> > What are the expectations here? I find myself in this spot
> > frequently. I see something up for review, and it ALWAYS happens at
> > the worst time for me. I look at it, but I tend to not say much
> > I can REALLY devote the time needed to give the library the proper
> > amount of review time.
> >
> > There might be "no answer" to the expectations questions. But I
> > be curious how others feel about this.
> >
> > I.e. If I only have an hour or two to look at something- is it still
> > useful for me to submit a review?
[David Abrahams Writes:]
> Whenever you feel like you can say something useful. I often have
> something useful to say after looking at the first few pages of
> documentation.
[Brian Braatz Writes:]
Good advice.
After contemplating that advice, I took 20 mins to look at the function
types lib- and immediately saw some issues (as you said, after the first
few pages). (will write them up this evening).

> > Part of the problem I have is an enormous respect for what a boost
> > library is. It is not something one slaps together just to get their
> > name in lights (to me at least). A boost library makes you go
> > "Wow". if it doesn't make you go "Wow" it doesn't belong in boost.
> :)
> > But if I cannot devote the time needed to review something DEEPLY, I
> > feel it is somewhat disrespectful for me to participate.
> >
> > Do you guys think I am wrong to feel this way? Or do you find the
> > opinions of a quick review valuable?
> I do.
[David Abrahams Writes:]
> Personally, I think too many libraries have been accepted recently
> with insufficient scrutiny. There are certainly a few I would have
> liked to have seen challenged along the lines of "this doesn't make me
> go wow," or "does the world really need this library?"

[Brian Braatz Writes:]


Here is an idea: what-cha think- We should add a "Wow" factor to the lib
review template.

I dunno, maybe something like

"Rate the WOW factor of this library:(1-5)"

(now that I have made the suggestion, here comes the controversy (grin))

the question then becomes what if a library, gets all 1's. Does it still
get accepted? I say no, there are plenty of "YET-ANOTHER-X" libraries
out there already.

I say, (more controversy) that something can have a semi-boring
functional use, but it's implementation, at the very least should have
some "Wow" in it.


I will continue to contemplate these thoughts. Hard to see the dark side

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