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From: Martin Wille (mw8329_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-06 10:31:59

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Marcin Kalicinski wrote:
>>I know gazillion words have been said on the looks of the new webpage, but
>>still I want to add my 2 pennies. Briefly, I think that links in the text
>>look very ugly and... amateurish?
> OK. How is it ugly? How is it amateurish?

IMHO, it isn't amateurish at all.

>>If you insist on having them underlined I
>>suggest you stick with more standard look, such as on webpage
>>(and many others). This looks much more professional.
> doesn't have underlines on links, from my POV.

That's strange. They get displayed underlined here.

>>Additionally, I'd
>>rather have links in boxes on the right have the same style as links in the
> Why?

I understand that request. It's the same functionality (a link to some
other page). Why are there different visual representations for the same

Without relying on mouse-over stuff, it's non-obvious that the box
contents are links. In fact, I would have thought that "Support" is a
link because it's underlined. However, it is not. Why do the titles in
the Box not only have underlines but also this mouse-over stuff? They
are not links, so there's no need to help the user aim at the correct
spot. Maybe it would be a good idea to actually make them links.

Why does the ">>" icon indicate a link in the boxes, but not in the main
part of the page?

I usually have loading of pictures turned off (which is why I didn't
recognize those inconsistencies earlier). Without the ">>", there's no
indication that the box contents are links.

I understand that a box contains an index for a different page and I
like the idea of grouping them. However, I suggest to add some more
obvious indication that the index items are links (maybe underlining in
some light color, maybe underlining only on mouse-over).

On terminal based browsers, these problems don't seem to exist. All
links get displayed consistently.

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