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From: John Torjo (john.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-22 12:01:53

Darryl Green wrote:

> Darryl Green < <at>> writes:
>>I think what is needed is a set of connections (logs connect to
>>appenders/modifiers) ordered by the log name which may include wildcards. Log
>>name (segments) containing wildcards should be ordered before exact names so
>>the more specific rules override the less specific ones.
> I'm putting together an alternate manager to implement something like the above.
> The semantics will be that you specify logging rules like:
> // create/register (but don't connect to any logs) an appender
> log_appender("display") = write_to_cout;
> log_appender("bazfile") = write_to_file("baz.log");
> manipulate_logs("*")
> .connect_appender("display");
> manipulate_logs("")
> .disconnect_appender("display")
> .connect_appender("bazfile")
> // one can delete the actual appender
> // which will disconnect it first!
> log_appender("display").erase();
> The connecting/disconnecting of appenders maintains a (per appender) set of
> rules for matching logs. The size of the rule set is bounded (assuming the set
> of log names is) by removing redundant rules whenever a modification to the
> rule set is made. The rules are applied in the order they are specified.

This does indeed look easier. I want to update the log manager to allow
for this, but I don't think I'll have the time to do it, before the
formal review (30 Sept).

> Clearly this means changing manipulate_logs, and changing the manager
> concept/interface. I'm finding it hard to see how a really "alternate" manager
> could be written given the rather restrictive set of required interfaces. I
> think manipulate_logs() should simply provide access to completely manager
> defined functionality.
> I also find the manipulation of logs by specifying the pattern to match a
> number of logs, then applying a number of appenders to them to be less than
> appealing, I think the "inverse" interface should also be provided ie.
> appender("display")
> .connect("*")
> .disconnect("");
> appender("bazfile")
> .connect("");
> Would have the same result as the manipulate_logs lines above.

Yup, this makes sense as well.


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