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From: Andy Little (andy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-30 14:30:58

"David Abrahams" <dave_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> "Andy Little" <andy_at_[hidden]> writes:
>> Have you considered that the index page may be too busy.
> Since you mention it, take a look into the past:
> That seems to be a big improvement over where we are now.

Thats ok .. FWIW Enclosed is my view on it. IOW All links and no content.
(Obviously the headings nned work.)

Andy Little

   3D"c++boost.gif [1]Home [2]Libraries [3]People [4]FAQ [5]More

                             Welcome to

   was begun by members of the [6]C++ Standards Committee Library Working
   Group to provide free = peer-reviewed portable libraries to the C++
   community. boost also aims to establish "existing practice" = and
   provide reference implementations so that selected libraries are
   prepared for standardization.

     [7]License The boost
   = license.
   [8]Libraries A quick overview of each library and useful information
   about the overall = boost library structure.
   [9]Download Download and installation information.
   [10]Compiler Status What library works with which compiler.
   [11]People boost people.
   [12]Membership Discuss current boost libraries and review library
   [13]Submitting a Library Guidelines and Information about = submitting
   libraries to boost.
   [14]FAQ Answers to some common questions = we get asked.
   [15]News Recent releases and events.
   [16]Tracker View and submit bug reports, support, feature requests. .


   1. 3D""index.htm"
   2. 3D""libs/libraries.htm"
   3. 3D""people/people.htm"
   4. 3D""more/faq.htm"
   5. 3D""more/index.htm"
   6. 3D""
   7. 3D"
   8. 3D""libs/libraries.htm"
   9. 3D""more/download.html"
  10. 3D""status/compiler_status.html"
  11. 3D""people/people.htm"
  12. 3D"
  13. 3D""more/lib_guide.htm"
  14. 3D""more/faq.htm"
  15. 3D""#Latest
  16. 3D""

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