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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-12 10:14:34

troy d. straszheim wrote:
> same code. The "before" picture:
> 326.17s user 153.82s system 92% cpu 8:40.03 total
> the first ~30 seconds of which is bjam calculating the dependencies
> for each test module.

To add to what Dave said... We've been personally bitten by assuming
that bjam is slow in certain places. Only to humiliate ourselves after
looking at the profile data :-)

> The "after" test_many.cpp hack starts compilation after ~4 seconds of
> bjam checking dependencies, with a total time of
> 99.52s user 41.00s system 93% cpu 2:30.51 total

I'm assuming you deleted the results from the previous run, right?

> 1) The test_many.cpp above is a hack. It would seem cleaner to have
> the test modules listed in the Jamfile and have bjam invoke the
> compiler as
> cc test1.cpp test2.cpp ... testN.cpp
> is there a clean way to do this?

Yea... You just put all the sources into the bjam target. For example:

run test1.cpp test2.cpp test3.cpp : : : std::locale-support : my_test :
debug ;

> 3) There are "demo" tests in the Jamfile, which are pulled in and
> compiled as tests by #defining main to test_main and #including the
> .cpp from the examples directory. This means these demos need
> <lib>../../test/build/boost_prog_exec_monitor
> not boost_unit_test_framework. I'm stumped on this one. How to
> split up the tests into two groups, each of which takes different
> libs? Should one toss these from the standard testing run
> completely and just put a separate Jamfile over in examples/ ?
> You could get the same code into both the tests and the examples
> by taking the contents of main() out into some other #inlcuded
> file, but then the examples would get obscured. Dunno.

I don't understand your confusion. You just do exactly what you said you
want to do and refer to <lib>../../test/build/boost_prog_exec_monitor in
the sources for those example/tests.

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