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From: Cory Nelson (phrosty_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-01 10:45:04

I saw that presentation too, it is very impressive and I can't wait to
see what comes of it.

I would love to see something like this go into boost but somehow I
don't think it could be done elegantly without language and compiler
support. Definitely wouldn't complain if someone proved me wrong :)

On 10/30/05, Jason Hise <chaos_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> I watched the talk Herb Sutter gave recently regarding concurrency, and
> I have to say I find the ideas of active objects and future variables to
> be very exciting. (A link to the talk is provided below, which must be
> viewed with Internet Explorer). I noticed that Boost already has a
> futures library in the sandbox under development, which from what I can
> tell looks well designed. Are there any plans to add the functionality
> of active objects to boost as well? I would be interested in hearing
> how you think the problem would be best approached.
> From what I can tell, it should ideally be possible to use 'active' as
> a modifier like 'const' or 'volatile' in front of a specific object
> instance, and have all member function calls automatically add
> themselves to a queue when called, instead of actually being called.
> Because this syntax is probably impossible to pull off, I think the next
> best thing would look something like the following:
> struct MyClass
> {
> int foo ( int arg1, const char * arg2 );
> };
> void test ( )
> {
> active < MyClass > object;
> future < int > i = object.request ( MyClass::foo, 42, "blah" );
> }
> 'request' could also be spelled 'enqueue', 'invoke', or 'operator ()',
> although I'm not sure if the terseness of the latter would be sensible.
> 'active' would probably use CRTP to derive privately from 'MyClass',
> enforcing that member functions of MyClass are not called directly.
> Thoughts?
> Herb Sutter's video:
> -Jason
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Cory Nelson

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