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Date: 2005-11-04 04:11:53

Bugs item #1348061, was opened at 2005-11-04 01:11
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Category: regex
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: John Maddock (johnmaddock)
Summary: regex fails to Compile unter Windows and VC++ 7.1

Initial Comment:
Hello regex-Developers

I have tried to download and install
boost regex on Windows 2000 using Microsoft Visual
Studio .NET 1.1 (C++ compiler version 7.1).

Unfortunately, after changing to boost_1_33_0
\libs\regex\build and running

nmake -fvc71.mak

I get the error that VC++ doesn't know how to
make "allocator.hpp" and "regex_library_include.hpp"

It appears that allocator.hpp and
regex_library_include.hpp are both missing in version
1.33. I copied the files from the 1.32 version, and that
solved my problem. Everything compiles fine and seems
to work nicely now. Not sure why these files are
missing... Could you please include them into the 1.33-
version again (they go into boost_1_33_0

Thanks and best regards

/Christoph Hänle.


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