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From: Stefan Seefeld (seefeld_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-05 17:48:21

Steinar Bang wrote:

> One of my "perhaps-hobby-to-be-should-I-get-any-free-time" ideas I've
> been playing with in my mind, have been to find the latest, and newest
> version of Fresco's predecessor InterViews (I'd start with ivtools)
> and then apply the "grandfather's knife principle"(*) to it.
> Ie. change it piece by piece to use standard C++ constructs where
> applicable, and boost constructs where they are applicable. But do
> the change gradually so that I've always have some compilable, working
> code.
> It's a neat design. The latest incarnations of InterViews are Fresco
> without the CORBA (...well, and parts are non-glyph-based stuff that
> is interesting as well, such as Unidraw).

I find ivtools quite messy in many respects. It looks like a repository
of multiple branches, all partially merged together. And Unidraw (in
that incarnation at least) uses an ad-hoc type system which makes it hard to
evolve into something clean.
At least that was my impression when I tried to rewrite Unidraw in the
context of the second generation of Fresco. It was really a rewrite based
on Vlissides' thesis, as opposed to ivtools.
I'm thus not sure whether it is really a good idea to provide incremental
enhancement to that code. Anyways, the code is all still available, so
if anybody wants to get his hands dirty, let me know ! :-)

But seriously, I'm glad that I'm not the only one who feels a bit nostalgic
at the sound of those names. There is a great many things to be learned
from those experiments and it would be fun to resume, from a healthy
distance, and with modern tools.


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