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Date: 2005-11-17 15:13:42

Bugs item #1359257, was opened at 2005-11-17 12:13
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Category: None
Group: None
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: [variant] Bug in recursive_wrapper_fwd.hpp

Initial Comment:
I've been tracking down an preprocessor warning involving the
redefinition of BOOST_TT_AUX_BOOL_TRAIT_DEF1. It appears to me that
variant/recursive_wrapper_fwd.hpp is misusing:

#include "boost/type_traits/detail/bool_trait_def.hpp"

The usual include pattern for this header is:

// should be the last #include
#include "boost/type_traits/detail/bool_trait_def.hpp"


#include "boost/type_traits/detail/bool_trait_undef.hpp"

But recursive_wrapper_fwd.hpp has:

#include "boost/type_traits/detail/bool_trait_def.hpp"
#include "boost/mpl/aux_/lambda_support.hpp"


and no include for bool_trait_undef.hpp. This is causing a redefinition
warning on Apple darwin for BOOST_TT_AUX_BOOL_TRAIT_DEF1.
Changing recursive_wrapper_fwd.hpp to the usual use pattern of
bool_trait_def.hpp as described above silences the warning.



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