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From: Cory Nelson (phrosty_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-22 13:12:30

There is an error in thread/src/once.cpp with vc8 on x64. There is a
notice (see line 91) in the file that acknowledges it was fixed for
other compilers, but vc8 is not one of them.

On 11/9/05, Douglas Gregor <doug.gregor_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Boost 1.33.1 Beta
> -----------------
> Boost 1.33.1 Beta is now available at This is a
> bug fix release to 1.33.0, containing updates to existing libraries and
> additional computer support.
> Updated Libraries
> * Any Library: Cast to reference types introduced in 1.33.0 is now
> documented on any_cast documentation page.
> * Config Library: Don't undef BOOST_LIB_TOOLSET after use.
> * Boost.Python:
> o The build now assumes Python 2.4 by default, rather
> than 2.2
> o Support Python that's built without Unicode support
> o Support for wrapping classes with overloaded address-of
> (&)
> operators
> * Smart Pointer Library: Fixed problems under Metrowerks
> CodeWarrior on PowerPC (Mac OS X) with inlining on, GNU GCC on
> PowerPC 64.
> * Regex Library: Fixed the supplied makefiles, and other small
> compiler specific changes. Refer to the regex history page for
> more information on these and other small changes.
> * Iostreams Library: Improved the interface for accessing a chain's
> components, added is_open members to the file and file descriptor
> devices, fixed memory-mapped files on Windows, and made minor
> changes to the documentation.
> * Functional/Hash Library: Fixed the points example.
> * Multi-index Containers Library: Fixed a problem with
> multithreaded code, and other minor changes. Refer to the library
> release notes for further details.
> * Graph Library: Fixed a problem with the relaxed heap on x86
> Linux. Fixed problems with cuthill_mckee_ordering and
> king_ordering producing no results.
> * Signals Library: Fixed problems with the use of Signals across
> shared library boundaries.
> * Thread library: read_write_mutex has been removed due to problems
> with deadlocks.
> Supported Compilers
> Boost is tested on a wide range of compilers and platforms. Since Boost
> libraries rely on modern C++ features not available in all compilers,
> not all Boost libraries will work with every compiler. The following
> compilers and platforms have been extensively tested with Boost,
> although many other compilers and platforms will work as well. For more
> information, see the regression test results.
> New for this release: Support for building with the newest STLport-5.0
> was added. The support includes building with MinGW Runtime 3.8 plus
> STLport-5.0 improved to support wide character operations. Apple GCC
> 4.0, HP Tru64 C++, and Microsoft Visual C++ 8.0 are supported
> platforms. We have added an experimental autoconf-like configure script
> for Unix-like systems: run configure --help for more information.
> * Apple GCC 3.3, 4.0 on Mac OS X.
> * Borland C++ 5.6.4 on Windows.
> * GNU C++ 2.95.3 (with and without STLport), 3.2.x., 3.3.x, 3.4.x,
> 4.0.x on Windows, Linux and Solaris.
> * HP C++ for Tru64 UNIX 7.1.
> * Intel C++ 8.1, 9.0 on Windows, Linux.
> * Metrowerks CodeWarrior 8.3, 9.4, 9.5 on Mac OS X and Windows.
> * Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (sp5, with and without STLport), 7.0,
> 7.1, 8.0. Note: Boost does not support the non-standard "Safe"
> C++ Library shipping with Visual C++ 8.0, which may result in
> many spurious warnings from Boost headers and other standards-
> conforming C++ code. To suppress these warnings, define the macro
> Acknowledgements
> Douglas Gregor managed this release.
> A great number of people contributed their time and expertise to make
> this release possible. Special thanks go to Aleksey Gurtovoy and Misha
> Bergal, who managed to keep the regression testing system working
> throughout the release process; David Abrahams, Beman Dawes, Aleksey
> Gurtovoy, Bronek Kozicki, Rene Rivera and Jonathan Turkanis for greatly
> improving the quality of this release; Rene Rivera for the new Boost
> web page design; and Zoltan "cad" Juhasz for the new Boost logo.
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Cory Nelson

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