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From: Oliver.Kowalke_at_[hidden]
Date: 2005-12-05 06:41:40

Hello Simon,
it's a nice implementation.
Maybe you could add a timed enqueue and dequeue and a limitation
(amount) for the work items in the queue. I could use the implementation
form thread_queue in the same sandbox folder.
With regards,

>a second version of library Defer is now in the sandbox under
>(this version primarily adds the promised win32 message pump version)
>To recap - this library defines a uniform means to send work items
>(boost::function objects) to thread pools, single threads and the
>gui thread
>via a runtime polymorphic interface.
>Other implementations of the defer concept included in the library are
>defer_null, which
>makes no attempt to defer, but invokes the supplied boost::function
>and defer_mutex, which also invokes the object on the calling thread,
>only after first
>acquiring a mutex (thus serialising requests from different threads).
>The benefits of such a library are:.
>-It allows an efficient reuse of threads.
>-It provides an abstract way to parameterise threading architecture
>-It allows the programmer to define what thread s/he wishes to
>receive callbacks in from cooperating components.
>-It can be used to eliminate thread deadlocking issues, and remove
>mutex use from much application code.
>-It can help break recursive calling cycles in event driven code.
>The scheme is wide open for the addition of more models of the defer
>The base defer class provides the queue facilities, and simply requires
>deriving classes to implement a 'signal' function, in which to perform
>implementation specific wakeup or notification to the appropriate
>Three examples of possible other styles are:
>-demuxer style thread parking - create the object and then call a run()
>function in
>an appropriate thread
>-recursion breaking - first defer in a given thread executes
>recursive defers on the same object are queued to be serviced in turn
>the thread finally leaves the object
>-thread creating - creates an entirely new thread per work item.
>All comments again welcome, though I know its a busy time for boosters
>huge effort going into the next release.
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