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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-13 05:54:18

> The only time that I get warning 6385 is when id is equal to or
> exceeds the size of the array. It is a little strange in that the
> warning only occurs when the line beginning with _ASSERTE is added. There
> should be an error even without the debug assertion. Nevertheless this
> suggests that there may be a case where
> re_detail::get_default_class_id(() returns a value in excess of 18
> leading to the warning. The following pseudo-code compiles without
> warning
> or error and has the slight advantage if protecting release as well
> as debug builds:
> std::size_t id = (1 + re_detail::get_default_class_id(p1, p2));
> if(id < sizeof(masks) / sizeof(masks[0]))
> return masks[id];
> return masks[0];

I still think that's redundant code, but I'll make the change anyway.

>> Understood, but what other warnings were you seeing? <
> Here is the build log which already incorporates the above code
> fragment:

OK thanks, there's only one warning in there I hadn't seen before (and isn't
fixed now), and that's this one:

: error C6334: sizeof operator applied to an expression with an operator
might yield unexpected results

Looking up the warning on MSDN it says:

"This warning indicates a misuse of the sizeof operator. The sizeof
operator, when applied to an expression, yields the size of the type of the
resulting expression. "

But that's exactly what we want it to do! So no fixes possible there.

Thanks for all the feedback on this,


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