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From: Cromwell Enage (sponage_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-11 22:39:19

--- Andy Little wrote:
> Hi Cromwell,

Happy new year, Andy.

> I am concerned that "rational.hpp" depends on
> mpl::big_integral and mpl::double as well as some of
> operations, which are huge anounts of header
> It is simple to solve this by removing the
numeric_casts for
> big_integral and double, from rational.hpp. I am
sure they can
> be put in the numeric stuff for these types.

I've added <boost/mpl/math/rational_/rational.hpp>,
which contains the minimal amount you need to use only
boost::mpl::integral_c et. al. and
boost::mpl::math::rational. The
<boost/mpl/math/rational.hpp> header is reserved for
those who need the kitchen sink.

> As far as my other problems are concerned it appears
that the
> gcd header is the culprit in producing a template
too long for
> VC7.1 to hold in its debug database.

*sigh* I *hate* it when compile-time complexity
differs from run-time complexity.

> Anyway changing the gcd algorithm to a recursive one
> wrapping boost::math::static_gcd (attached) in
> "boost/math/commn_factor.hpp" cures the above
problem of
> compiler running out of keys and similar issues for

I've reimplemented the integral_c_tag specialization
of boost::mpl::math::gcd so that it's wrapped around
an MPL-ized version of boost::math::static_gcd.
Performance should be close to what you're looking

> As previously mentioned I also reckon that it would
be best to
> make typeof registration separate.

I thought you said "optional". Anyway, typeof
registration is now disabled by default; you must now
enable it.

                              Cromwell D. Enage

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