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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-01-31 13:22:56

> spirite and lambda - these absolutley depend upon high
> compiler conformance. Anyone seriously interested in
> using tools like this and the techniques they embody will
> not be using msvc 6.0 . Demand and utility of msvc 6.0
> for these libraries approaches nil.


> smart_ptr, iostreams and others. These have wide
> applicabilty and probably demand for those using
> MSVC. I'm sure that the developer of smart_ptr
> suffered with MSVC 6.0 - but its over now and
> I doubt that just keeping it up is a big problem.
> I suspect that msvc 6.0 compatiblity for iostreams
> issn't too bad.

Right, and smart_ptr is used by so many other Boost libraries that if msvc
support was withdrawn that would create a big problem if those library
authors wish to continue supporting msvc.

> Boost Test is used by ALL libraries in boost
> to test themselves. For it to be an effective
> in this role, it must be usable with any compiler
> that is supported by any library. This is not
> a suggestion or normative statement. Its just a
> recognition of the fact that it can't do the job it
> has been doing if it doesn't support older compilers.
> So Boost Test should be structured so that it doesn't
> break old tests. It can add new features that are
> supported only in new compilers but it should
> be able to continue to provide the support it has
> in the past. I realise that this is an extra burden
> that other libraries don't have to shoulder and
> maybe its not "fair" but it is part of the requirement
> for Boost Test to continue in its fundamental
> role in boost.

100% violent agreement.

> An and another thing. It damn annoying to find that
> all my tests suddenly fail on msvc because of a change
> in the test system. Oh I'm sure it was announced somewhere
> and I don't care - its annoying none the less. Now what
> am I to do? Stop supporting msvc? Shouldn't that be my
> decision? Re write my tests to not use boost test? I don't
> want to do that!

No reason why you should IMO. If the "new" Boost.Test can't be made to work
with msvc (bound to happen at some point), there's no reason why the last
good version can't be placed in a sub-directory, and automatically included
whenever a deprecated compiler comes along and dares to try and include it.

Just my 2c worth....


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