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From: Howard Hinnant (howard.hinnant_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-16 15:46:27

On Mar 13, 2006, at 6:08 PM, Howard Hinnant wrote:

> On Mar 13, 2006, at 6:00 PM, Peter Dimov wrote:
>>> I'm seeing (only with inlining/optimizations on) that the reference
>>> count is not properly incremented. This is with a single-threaded
>>> test case. I haven't fully understood the code differences yet, but
>>> it appears that code is being reordered across these assembly blocks
>>> in such a way as to change the logic. I'm not familiar enough with
>>> gcc assembly semantics to know if the volatile attribute (on the
>>> assembly block itself, not any data) is required to make inline
>>> assembly behave itself.
>>> Again, this is not a multithread issue that I can see, as the
>>> failures I'm seeing are in single threaded code.
>> There is a known bug in 4.0:
>> that can have this effect, but it apparently has been fixed in
>> 4.0.1. There
>> might be others that the boost test doesn't uncover.
>> I think that the compiler is not supposed to reorder across __asm__
>> blocks
>> in a way that could change the logic and if such reordering
>> happens it
>> should be reported as a bug against g++.
> That was very kind of you to look that up for me, thanks. Since my
> last posting I've also become convinced that this is an optimization
> bug in gcc. It appears that exactly one call to atomic_increment has
> been optimized away. I'll investigate further whether 21528 is the
> cause/fix. Thanks much.

I'm back.... ;-)

My real problem is that I'm a neophyte in the bewildering world of
gcc asm syntax. I've been studying:

on the good advice of some colleagues. The other advice I'm getting
is that there is still a bug in:


Looking at just atomic_increment:

inline void atomic_increment( int * pw )
     int tmp;

         "lwarx %1, 0, %2\n\t"
         "addi %1, %1, 1\n\t"
         "stwcx. %1, 0, %2\n\t"
         "bne- 0b":

         "=m"( *pw ), "=&b"( tmp ):
         "r"( pw ):

My current understanding is that the "=m" constraint indicates that
*pw is write-only, and should be changed to "+m" to indicate read/
write (to memory). Indeed when I make this change, my test case
clears right up. It also appears that atomic_decrement and
atomic_conditional_increment could use this treatment as well.

Looking forward to further discussion on this...


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