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From: Andy Little (andy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-22 14:47:20

"Janek Kozicki" <janek_listy_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
> Andy Little said: (by the date of Mon, 19 Jun 2006 21:42:34 +0100)
>> The current situation with no CVS home for PQS is inadequate, however based
>> on
>> the feedback in the review I am working on various changes. As soon as
>> possible
>> I will try to put the library on a public database,
> I'm looking forward to it.

I have got the project accepted at sourceforge. Its called Quan. Currently I am
changing PQS headers into Quan. I then need to do the same for the

Hopefully will be functional in a week or

>> Yes and the 3D vector space stuff is a bit over my head, but I guess you guys
>> know what you are talking about! Seriously I need to sort out the Concept
>> documentation, so hopefully PQS can be compatible with 3rd party libraries
>> or
>> vice versa. or at least it can be used as one model for testing etc.
> After all the new comments on this mailing list about lienar algebra, I
> think that maybe it's better that you completely remove all your classes
> related to linear algebra from PQS. David Abrahams has written that with
> his linear algebra library it will be possible to use units inside his
> vectors without any problems.
> So that is better for you - you can focus
> only on units, and just make sure that they are "perfect" - so then you
> can be sure that they will work with other libraries (including Dave's
> linear algebra).
> Previously I was unaware of Dave's work on linear algebra library, so I
> was ecouraging work on it - because Boost.Ublas is simply not suitable
> for that (too much focus on speed resulted in loss of genericity).
> (anybody correct me if I'm wrong ;)

FWIW I think this is the url:

I suspect that MTL provides the Concepts, but I have to write the models, if
that makes sense.

However I am fairly sure that matrices of multiple element types arent

OTOH it might be possible to use the socalled free-quantity solely for checking
purposes. I will need to write it to find out.

>> The only problem with a Wiki is that it requires a lot of attention AFAICS,
>> though I havent run one. An alternative might be to put "quantities and
>> quantity
>> spaces" related papers in the Boost Vault. That would be less work anyway!
>> if you want to set up a Wiki I'll not stop you!
> heh, If you don't want to work using wiki, then perhaps it won't work
> even if I start a wiki. Because you are the chief here, I'm just trying
> to help as I can.

OK. Well , as I havent set up a site like Quan before, I hope I can ask your
advice on the admin side, but I guess that O.T. for boost.

I'll keep you informed of significant developments.

Andy Little

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