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From: SeskaPeel (seskapeel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-05 07:54:32

Hi Robert,

You are suggesting to leave the object creation outside the serialize lib,
and that's a good point as I have some very specific constructors (though
they need some data read from the file), but I can't see where doing this
will remove my post loading association phase (and that's the point, I want
to remove the post loading phase).

> This is how I understand your situation - I'm not sure my understanding
> is correct - but there it is.

You perfectly understood.

> So when asked how to handle the "matching" - my thought is to
> say - wait a minute - why are we in this situation in the first place?
> Then re-think the design. Currently after loading and matching
> to the other pointers in the program an getting things all working
> is going to be an error prone process. I'm sure its doable, and
> maybe there is no other options. But when I see a situation
> where I have to insert some very elaborate code to address
> the fact the my other components don't quite fit together, I'm thinking
> that maybe its a good time to step back an review how I got
> to this situation in the first place.

Whatever happens, I'll always need to link elements coming from separate
files, loaded at separate times. This linking I was hoping could be done by
the serialize lib, or at least let me do that specific "external" linking
(link a resource to another coming from a separate file), and handle for me
all the "internal" linking (link resources coming from the same file).
But, to be able to do this, the lib would have to let me know which
resources weren't successfully linked internally, and thus, need to attempt
an external link. Or, I could simply post process all freshly loaded
resources, but doing this, as I said earlier, is what I have today and what
I'm trying to remove from the code.

> One big idea would be not use the serialization library to create
> new objects but just make sure they created a head of time. This
> is the essence of my suggestion about using references rather than
> pointers.

Sorry, I still don't understand how this would help me...


And for the progressive loading part, I would like to avoid threads, as I
can't be sure that the platform offers multi-threading facilities.
I really would like the serialize lib to return after having finished
loading, and then be able to resume some time later.
What kind of derivation from Archive should I do?


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