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From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-27 15:23:31

Gennaro Prota wrote:
> Ah sure. Also "my" "/\*.*?\*/" doesn't match /* */ style comments
> which actually span multiple lines (:-O). But the intent wasn't to be
> as accurate as a parser. We were talking about "tweaking" the regexes
> a bit to avoid false positives.

It's the false negatives that are worrisome. For example:

const char * x = "//foo"; int x = min(10,20);

Not that I think anyone would write such code. But strange things do
happen :-)

> In short we wanted them to be just
> more accurate than they are(n't) now.

OK. So you're saying we can make the comments conform to something the
inspection program will understand?

> If there's no danger to let
> violations go unnoticed with this, it seems still better than the
> current code. Example: this gives a false positive in
> boost/graph/maximum_cardinality_matching.hpp:
> //[the Tutte-Berge]
> //formula guarantees that
> //
> // 2 * M(G) = min ( |V(G)| + |U| + o(G - U) )
> //
> //where the minimum is taken over all subsets U of
> //V(G).
> It wouldn't if we filtered out one-line comments. And if that were in
> a /* */ style comment, then simply adding "//" in front of the formula
> line would do the trick.

I guess you would have to be extremely careful, and especially limiting,
with the regex to have some degree of confidence false negatives don't

> PS: did you read my suggestion about commit triggers?

I don't remember reading it. But I do remember that was suggested some
time ago regarding inspection. I think I mentioned some problems with
that back then ;-)

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