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From: Davide Bolcioni (davide_bolcioni_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-05 04:40:03

Doug Gregor wrote:

> I have just completed implementing support for "Variadic Templates"
> in GCC. Variadic templates are C++ templates that can accept any
> number of "extra" template arguments, just like a function that uses
> C-style varargs (with "...") can accept any number of extra
> arguments. Unlike C varags, however, variadic templates work both for
> class templates and function templates, and are completely type-safe.

A dream come true ...

... now I'm going to dig up what my need actually was at the time.

> Unimpressed? Here's an implementation of tuple that accepts any
> number of element types:
> template<typename... Values>
> class tuple;
> template<> class tuple<> { };
> template<typename Head, typename... Tail>
> class tuple<Head, Tail...>
> : private tuple<Tail...>
> {
> protected:
> Head m_head;
> };

The fact that head() and tail() are not declareda bove is just an
omission, is it ?

> Are variadic templates worthwhile? Will they help us build better,
> cleaner Boost libraries in the future? Should we bring variadic
> templates to the C++ committee, to enable better implementations of
> TR1 components and eliminate the need for much of the preprocessor
> metaprogramming we do today? Feedback is greatly appreciated.

Davide Bolcioni

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