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From: Pavel Vozenilek (pavel_vozenilek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-08 17:49:40

"Emil Dotchevski" wrote:

>> >
> Could you provide an example of using this functionality at the top level
> of
> an application?

int main()
     try {
        .... run application
     } catch(boost::exception& e) {
          e.dump_everything(); // what happened?

This can be only approximated
with chain of catch handlers
and manual printing of the data.

>> There should be also ability to support
>> visitation of exception objects.
>> Imagine situation:
>> try {
>> ....
>> } catch (boost::exception& e) {
>> e << ....;
>> // now some exceptions could be handled
>> // and some need to be passed up
>> ????
> I am not sure I understand what you mean by typeswitch.
> Can you illustrate your point with more code?

if (dynamic_cast<This>(e)) .... else
if (dynamic_cast<That>(e)) ....

A visitor solution:

try {
} catch (boost::exception& e) {
    e << ...

    my_visitor m;

Now the visitor will have a typelist
of exceptions it does handle and will
internally generate a chain
of dynamic_casts to select the most
appropriate visit() function to be called.

My partial inspiration is chapter Visitor from
Alexandrescu's Modern C++ Design
but it is (IMHO) possible to avoid
any modifications of the visited
classes (the exceptions) for the cost
of more processing on visitor side.

It may look like:

struct my_visitor : public exception_visitor
   void visit(std::runtime_exception& e) { ... }
   void visit(std::bad:alloc& e) { .... throw; }
   void visit(my_exception& e) { ....throw new_exception(); }

   void visit(boost::exception& e) { .. catch all others ... }

Internally the base class could generate
internal functions overloaded for every type
and also fill a vector with addresses of
these functions.

The process() would ten go through the vector
to find the best fitting internal functions.
The internal function will then call the specific visit().

The trick is to order the checks to place the
leat classes first to test. Alexandresu has
such a technique and MPL likely as well.

It is somehow different way than what GOF do
but it provides the same end result
(less efficiently but with just a single static type known).


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