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From: Stephen Hewitt (shewitt.au_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-08-09 07:42:08

I originally posted this message in Boost-users but I think Boost-developers
is probably more suitable. It regards a non-standard extension which I think
is being used in Boost.Serialization. I have mailed the author (and
Boost-users) but he feels the construct is legal.

The following is a dead simple example of using Boost.Serialization with an
XML output archive which follows the patterns laid down in examples:


#include <iostream>
#include <boost/archive/xml_oarchive.hpp>
#include <boost/serialization/nvp.hpp>

// Warning level 4.
#pragma warning(push, 4)

struct MyData
    MyData(int val) : m_Value(val) {}

    template<typename Archive>
    void serialize(Archive & ar, const unsigned int)
        ar & BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(m_Value); // <-- Warning here.

    int m_Value;

void main()
    using namespace std;

    MyData d(3);
    boost::archive::xml_oarchive oa(cout);
    oa << BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP(d); <-- Warning here.

// Warning level back to normal.
#pragma warning(pop)

When compiling this code I get the following error:
 "warning C4239: nonstandard extension used : 'argument' : conversion from
'struct boost::serialization::nvp<struct MyData>' to 'struct
boost::serialization::nvp<struct MyData> &'
        A reference that is not to 'const' cannot be bound to a non-lvalue"

I tried MSVC 6 and "Visual C++ 2005" (which can be downloaded from here and got the
same error.
Interestingly I could not get it to happen with "Microsoft Visual C++
Toolkit 2003" (perhaps I made a mistake?).

The warning seems valid to me. The "BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP" looks like
    boost::serialization::make_nvp(BOOST_PP_STRINGIZE(name), name)

The "make_nvp" function looks like as follows:
nvp<T> make_nvp(const char * name, T & t){
    return nvp<T>(name, t);

"Operator<<", which is used in "main" is reproduced (in part) below:
template<class Archive>
class interface_oarchive
// ... Code removed ... //
template<class T>
    Archive & operator<<(T & t){
        this->This()->save_override(t, 0);
        return * this->This();
// ... Code removed ... //

So, to cut to the chase, "BOOST_SERIALIZATION_NVP" expands to a call to
make_nvp" which returns a temporary which is bound to a non-const reference
in "interface_oarchive::operator<<": this is not legal in standard C++
(unless I'm mistaken).

It seems that if you follow to documentation and examples the resulting code
isn't standard C++!?!

I find the C++ standard a bit like reading a legal document (and I'm no
lawyer) but the following sections from ISO 14882 seem to agree that binding
a non-const reference to a temporary is illegal: 3.10/5 & 8.5.3/5.

I find further evidence for my assertion in the following links:

Perhaps this issue (assuming I'm correct) seems minor but for me one of the
good things about Boost is that it strives avoid non-standards extensions
where possible. Also the longer it remains "broken" (again, assuming I'm
correct) the more chance a fix will break existing code.

I feel the simplest fix would be to make operator<< take a constant
reference. The author suggested that the problem could also be solved by
making the return value of "make_nvp" constant.



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